Friday, October 14, 2016

Wickeder Group: New technology bought Soester Anzeiger

Informed at the company’s headquarters Wickeder westfalenstahl about the latest technology growth for the Wickeder Group: managing Director, Andreas brown, and the head of the Marketing Department, on the main road, Sabrina Rössler. Photo: hut brink

Wickede – The Wickeder Group is continuing on its path of strategic orientation on promising markets. The separation from the cold band was in the previous year, an aspect of the development. This year, the group continues to grow by the Acquisition of 35 percent of the company Inflotek in the Netherlands, on the other, only a week ago with the conclusion of the purchase contract for the company MPU in Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, a specialist of precision forming technology, e.g. for the production of electronics.

With the most recent tactical steps of the Wickeder Group is expanding its shares on the next level of the value chain, emphasises managing Director Andreas Braun. The distribution of Hi-Tech raw material is increasingly being supplemented by finished Hi-Tech products that are used in a wide field of the market of the Automotive and electrical industry, mechanical engineering to the food industry and their customers.

risk balance with metal and technology

the aim of this strategy is a further strengthening of the Standings in the international market. The Wickeder Group remains oriented 100 percent metal, explores the relationship of metal and technology in its corporate portfolio with the objective of a strengthened risk balance.

all This with the modesty of a medium-sized company, but with the claim, in the world market to join the fray. The Label “world market leader for clad materials” welcomes the visitors on a panel at the company’s headquarters at Wickeder westfalenstahl. With daughters as the company micro-metal in the Baden, Müllheim, or the new 35-percent stake in the Dutch Inflotek the company has the market leadership in the Etching of metals or water-jet cut in the visor.

With significantly increased product development site is to be developed in the market for clad materials. High-pressure compressed metal layers are traditionally used, e.g., for cookware or coins, more specialized products such as for heat shields, cooling systems or bearings. Currently the team is working on-site at new Plating technologies, for example, for the transformer or control technology. To replace this with the aim of traditional components in these industries by materials that are at the end of more effective, economic, environmentally sound and in the best case, unrivalled.

it’s often the cycles that extend far beyond the medium-term. If, for example, in components for electric mobility research is done, among other things, in anticipation of the phasing out of petrol – and diesel-driven vehicles, as this is envisaged by the policy from 2030 onwards. Also, topics and changes of morning, the (still) not in the public discussion, in the Perspective, but the options for the placement of products, take Management and development Department already in the view.

Clear commitment to the headquarters in Wickede

Basis of this policy of the Wickeder Group is the clear commitment to the location in Wickede, as managing Director, Andreas Braun confirmed in an interview with our newspaper. It is the commitment to the headquarters in that place is founded on the 1913 industrial pioneer, Bernhard Bauer, the original company, as the parent of the current group. And it applies even if a good third of the 1 000 permanent employees, in the meantime, offices in the USA, the Netherlands and China. Around

650 employees are sitting at the German companies, exactly 150 currently on the main street in Wickede. In the previous year, the family of Companies achieved a turnover of 97 million euros, in the case of this year’s revenue expectations precisely in the Setpoint, international even slightly above.

Against this Background, by the way, CEO Andreas Braun are clearly against our newspaper, not least that the Rest of the production on the two free days had not been in the past months, about a step to short-time work and an expression of a lack of orders, as this is rumored to be appreciated. Rather, it was given by a business partner, a bottleneck in the supply of raw material. Then they used the forced production break for the reduction of Overtime.


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