Tuesday, October 11, 2016

American campaign: The technology of lie – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

It was a debate the charges, you costume opened chasms of low, perfidy, and hatred. Rarely there was so much personal animosity in a candidate-duel that culminated, finally, in a previously unprecedented announcement: Donald Trump has threatened his opponent, Hillary Clinton, he would chase after the electoral victory of a special investigator on the neck, you’ll end up in prison. Only aspiring dictators were talking before, but not contenders for the presidency in the largest democracy in the Western hemisphere.

once Again, has revealed how the United States torn, as the political climate is polarized. According to the first polls, has expelled the scandal video with a woman hostile and obscene Remarks hardly Trump voters, at most, a few dozen Republicans from the upper ranks of the party. What Trump led in turn to condemn you as a washed up party elite, as a traitor, and don’t use. Just as it values its clientele.

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How is it that the voices of reason can get in this election campaign is so little heard? There are a number of reasons: A social climate of mistrust that has developed after the 2008 financial crisis, its consequences in the United States, still of all the places are noticeable. Over years of growing inequality, which came to a head particularly after the crisis, and many Americans feel that it was systematically suspended from the elites in politics and business.

but alienated the people of the still most powerful Nation in the world, especially from each other: This is a great dazzling country with more than 300 million inhabitants, its culture, products we devour, whose entrepreneurial spirit we admire, makes the we airs again and again, fear and sometimes even hate, can no longer agree on common truths. In the ongoing confrontation of the facts discussed to death, statistics bent, misused. Not only in public debate but up into the smallest units, families. Never since the Vietnam war, American families were divided.

42795166 © AFP Increase game characters of Clinton and Trump in a Store in Denver, Colorado

Trump has driven the reckless game with the truth up to the championship. In the night of the debate he Clinton issued with rüpelhafter attitude of a falsehood after the other, so that the Democrat must use up have your entire speech time, in order to correct only the inaccuracies: Clinton wanted a General Amnesty for anyone coming into the country. The government let hundreds of thousands from countries such as Syria to enter the country. Obama had signed a peace Treaty with the Assad Regime. The American growth had shrunk to under one percent, the taxes are the highest in the world.


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