Friday, October 7, 2016

Smart Home: Start-ups to provide technology for corporations – Finance magazine

A form of heating that can be via a Smartphone, a coffee machine, which starts at a specific morning time automatically the brewing process: These examples of so-called Smart-Home technologies can bring more convenience, but are not yet in widespread commercial use. Although the growth hopes of the market are large, but still, the German market is designed with a volume of around 250 million Euro, compared to pioneers such as Japan or the USA, write to Henning Heuser, Andre Gildemeister and Phillip Reinartz of the consulting company Baker Tilly Roelfs in their current industrial Report “Smart Home”. The full Report is available to registered readers in the White Paper Library, available as a free Download.

The still low level of market maturity of the Smart Home market is also reflected in the M&A Deals: the supplier structure is fragmented, but transactions are still rare. The strongest driver for Deals in technology and Know-how acquisition. Many of the investments according to the Report, the character of Early – and Later-Stage financing by Venture Capital investors and Business Angels.


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