Sunday, October 9, 2016

The centre for disaster assistance: “Look at this James Bond technology” – Handelsblatt

“Look at this James-Bond-technology”

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“Look at this James-Bond-technology”, – joked the Russian Co-Director of the institution, Wiatscheslaw Vlasenko, while screens for a video presentation of the recent activities of the centre were rolled out. Out of the Russian trainers practiced meanwhile with the Serbian firefighters.

Vlasenko, the device is equipped in any manner in favour of the neighbouring Romania spy, where recently American interceptor missiles are stationed. Or Kosovo, where Nato peacekeeping troops and a US base.

“these are just rumors. It is not possible to transform this center into a spying device. It is very small, we only have a staff of three Serbians and five Russians, and beyond that, nothing else (…), and the buildings do not belong to us."

The Russian complained that the neighboring countries of the Nato and EU member, Croatia or even Macedonia and Bosnia, who want to be a member, be averse to, even in the case of larger humanitarian disasters, the Russian help. As in the refugee crisis, with nearly a Million people came last year via the Balkans.

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The Croats would have also declined during recent forest fires on the Adriatic coast, the use of large Russian aircraft for fire fighting “without any explanation”. Even tents for the accommodation of refugees in Croatia is not what I wanted. And Bosnia did not respond to an offer, an agreement on joint actions in case of natural complete disasters.

“It’s all politics,” said Vlasenko. “You say that Vladimir Putin is bad, Russia wants to dominate (…). Political Motivation should be kept out of humanitarian aid."

Serbia also wants to join the EU, but don’t want to ruin it at the same time with Moscow. So it has refused to the American and EU sanctions against Russia because of its aggression in Ukraine.

The US-led bombing of Serbia in 1999, has upset many people in the country against the West and for Russia heats up. The inhabitants of Nis, which were hit hard, were divided, as they were asked, what do you think of the Russian presence in their city.

“I would rather see our (Russian) brothers in our city as the Western scum”, says Radovan Mihajlovic. Petar Jovanovic shares the suspicion about the true role of the centre. “The Public does not know the whole truth. I think that is something of which the Public knows nothing."


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