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Collaborative technology as a solution for meeting rooms –

The meeting room should be the engine room for activity and productivity in the workplace. However, we also know that it can run quite differently. If Meetings consume a lot of time and hours, only to fly by, while the speaker try to deal with the listeners and at the same time, the presentation technology. Then the only proven result is the waste of time and capital. From Start-ups through SMEs to large companies – is the investments in the modern meeting the productivity will have to rise space, and innovations, as well as improve the cooperation.

technology supported collaboration

The benefits of close collaboration are known, the effective use of time and resources, the exchange of knowledge throughout the organization, improved responsiveness, Innovation, and problem solving. A good cooperation contributes in many organisations even to maintain a satisfied workforce. However, this means more to work than just getting along and to find new ways.

technology in the meeting room. (Image:  Shutterstock)
(image: Shutterstock)

As with all other areas in modern business, play technology and the IT Department has an important role. We are a traditional meeting room: the Most significant technical tools are missing here, to share information easily and to promote the cooperation of the employees. Ironically, are the meeting rooms so poorly equipped that they are not designed for the Equipment that the employees use in their everyday work.

In today’s work environment are Work Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets essential to be productive. Therefore, it is only logical that equipment of the meeting room should be decorated in a modern style, these devices can be integrated.

areas of cooperation in conference and training has developed in the last few years relatively unnoticed. In the past, might have presented a Person content, or for discussion brought in – either on paper, as a PowerPoint presentation or in a different Format – and the other to be heard.

all of This changed with the productive use of personal and digital devices in the workplace. The challenge is that each participant would bring its own content and with other participants quickly and easily share. With other words: The technology in the meeting must be upgraded rooms and into the age of "Bring Your Own Device" (BOYD).

Tools for visual collaboration

Several people want to share your own presentation? The is and but can be very time-consuming, especially if each individual speaker must connect his Laptop in the first place. A presentation system that allows multiple participants to share your screen quickly and easily, should belong to the basic equipment of conference rooms.

Ideally, the technology is so user-friendly as possible – just Plug and Play. The screen is the same for all of the meeting participants are available, either via USB, App or Wi-Fi, and multiple participants may share the screen at the same time, display different information or data to compare. It should also be easy to share content, for example, by Pressing a button, so that the flow of the meeting is not interrupted and no time wasted.

Can not be bridged with the technology in place simply, it means often a tangled mess of cables and a permanent reconfiguration of the screen settings, if other device is connected to a common screen. This may cause due to incompatible settings or resolutions to distorted content. If several people want to share content on a screen, the Problem is even greater. Wireless collaboration solutions bring together all the devices, regardless of operating system.

another important Element is that the cable must be suitable rooms, lots of collaboration Tools for all types of conference. From small meeting rooms ranging from SMEs to large meeting national companies halls, in the case of multi – the focus will always be the same. Any kind of technological tool should improve the Sharing, creativity and collaboration – the collective intelligence of the participants is of crucial importance, regardless of the size or importance of the meeting.

Knowledge sharing

For many companies, Knowledge is their most important asset. In order to promote this, and to share, must be the right tools available. One of the latest Trends, the introduction of interactive collaboration platforms that enable companies to share their Knowledge on the easiest and the smartest way.

users can

Some of the solutions for networked cooperation, which have been specially designed for conference and training rooms, are built up as modular systems. This means that additional extensions and technologies can be added at any time. This degree of freedom is a natural step to make Meetings collaborative and more profitable.

The technology provides significant benefits, to improve performance in meeting rooms. As companies of every size and Trends, such as collaboration, mobile Working, flexible working welcome times and BYOD, it is more important than ever that the technology increases in a meeting room productivity and efficiency and not disabled.


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