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How technology eats  Restaurants

In Silicon Valley, there are currently a number of early Trends for the foodservice industry watch: Small Restaurants, it’s more difficult, Jobs are replaced by machines, and in Order for Gourmets.

Who’s company is not working in the Silicon Valley, especially in the case of a technology with a fancy canteen, can make the experience that it has become increasingly difficult to find quickly a Restaurant.

According to a report in the New York Times have recently closed a number of Restaurants in the Silicon Valley. The Problem seems to be with the flourishing technology industry in the Region together to hang out: The high Rents of pressing the profits of the Local, and companies such as Facebook and Google to advertise to a series of chefs and Service personnel for their own canteens. Small Restaurants can offer your employees as much as such a technology giant, so that the industry is increasingly being eroded. Left over Food and precious remain mainly Fast Restaurants.

in other cities, the Impact of Silicon Valley are making themselves felt. The magazine, Eater reported on a Trend that is enabled by technology: Restaurants without guest rooms. In the fight against high Rents, some of the providers of a kitchen, the dishes are delivered to your home. You can order via their own Apps or to collection services such as Seamless or Grubhub.

delivery services is in itself not a new idea, of course, the concept of a pure order-Restaurants with high quality, but very good. The idea seems to be gaining momentum. The chef-Visionary David Chang, the mastermind behind the restaurant chain Momofuku, has opened in New York already has its own virtual Restaurant by the name of Ando. The news Agency Bloomberg wrote about it even, this business model could save the food in the Restaurants. Eater, however, indicate that the future of such services is far from secure, among other things, because of the quality and Marketing in this model bring new challenges.

However, even at Restaurants keep their dining rooms, Automation, increasingly, impact on the occupation. Houses such as Inamo in London, offer to Order, interactive tables (with which you can also change the table lighting, or a Taxi for the ride home can call), so you will need less waiters. The Quinoa-Restaurant Eatsa in San Francisco, goes even a step further: contact with human personnel, the guests will not have there at all. And in the future many more Restaurant Jobs to robots.

the Whole of the catering industry will not disappear, of course – after all, we don’t want to always cook by yourself, and that we will exchange the Burger and Sushi soon against Soylent is unlikely. But technology is changing increasingly, the Standards to which we are accustomed. The industry will have a nibble.

(Jamie Condliffe)


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