Monday, October 10, 2016

China: a New quantum-radar to make US stealth technology useless – RT English

The US stealth multi-purpose fighter aircraft F-35.

New developments in the Anti-Stealth research for armor say to the competent Institute of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation could make on the paths of the photons of the cleavage complex American disguised cloaking technology useless.

Like a classic Radar works, is intelligible: It sends its waves on certain frequencies. These hit an obstacle, you will be thrown reflected and back. The radar device measures and then the reflections of those waves.

The way of thinking of the so-called quantum-radars on the other hand, in Science-Fiction movies. Here you bring about a cleavage of photons. The split Photon particles are connected to each other in a relationship, so that you can read on the basis of a particle even in the case of spatial separation of the States of the second particle. The space between two particles is thus overcome.

In practice, shot a particle in the space, the twin particles remains in the device. At this, the conditions of the freedmen of the same particle can be measured. In this case, the “captured” particles have also noticed the encounter with an object, such as a conventional radars invisible jet.

The Global Times, is now an Institute of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) have developed such a device. It is of course conceivable that the Chinese government will celebrate the successes of the media in this respect, a little premature. If the message is true, it is, however, a prototype of an already operational system. The range is initially given 100 kilometers. But this would surprise all those skeptics who think that the Chinese arms industry, there is a lack of fundamental research.

This development may have consequences especially for the US defence industry are far-reaching. Especially the whole Stealth – and stealth technology for conventional radar obsolete. Against photons, the safety and invisibility cloaks useless.

this technological approach success, could China and Russia, the spring is also in the Anti-Stealth-technology leaders, by means of building on these developments in this way a number of US investments in the area of armaments will be useless.

The development of quantum radars reflects the strategic principles of Chinese armor projects: your goal is to neutralize with relatively cheap techniques, the extremely expensive armor projects in the United States. Thus, the war of the coffers of the new broke out.


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