Saturday, October 1, 2016

Moventum-analysis: the “sectoral funds technology and Pharma … –

during the past few months, it is also in the last quarter of the current year, the challenging market encounter environment through appropriate instruments, the result of the quarterly Asset Allocation meeting, the Fund platform Moventum.

“The environment in the face of low growth in industrial countries and the high political risks challenging”, Moventum Analyst Sascha Werner. “Investors should for these reasons remain in a balanced strategies and selectively promising markets to,” explains Werner.

business innovation

The experts of Moventum have identified in the context of their Asset Allocation conference opportunities for companies with a high level of innovation. “Just the sectors of technology and healthcare focus,” says Werner. While Moventum will maintain the Overweight in the technology sector in the fourth quarter, is an increase in the sector pharmaceutical.

emerging countries instead of Europe Fund

In addition, to increase the investment strategists of Moventum equity and bond funds from emerging countries. “In these markets has improved the economic Situation significantly,” says Werner. In turn, the weighting of equity funds from Europe.

“in addition to the valuation levels we see in Europe, some political risks. In Italy, the constitutional referendum, the political fate of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is closely linked. In Spain, the third parliamentary elections threaten within a year. At the Bundestag election in Germany and presidential elections in France next year, you do not think about that", emphasizes the Analyst.

Fund-based asset management

The quarterly Asset Allocation meeting of Moventum, the basis for investment decisions of the Moventum-own Fund-based asset management. “Only if sustainable strategies are skillfully combined, create a Portfolio, which investors with key figures during challenging periods of market stability and low risk,” explains Werner.


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