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What is behind the turbulator technology in the PING G30 Driver? – Exclusive Golfing

Again a new driver, which promises more length! PING combined ball speed and precision with improved aerodynamics plus a new face design and materials. The result for golfers: a significant length advantage, without at the same key properties such as checking or Fehlerverzeihbarkeit lost. But what’s up with the new turbulator technology is all about? Patented there should be this only at PING.

 G30-Driver-Photo Credit-PING

Ca. for € 319 is the new Driver übern counter.

The visually most easily recognizable innovation of the G30 Drivers are the patented turbulators, which were incorporated into the racket crown. Their development is based on findings from aviation and other sports industries, which deal mainly with the subject of speed. The turbulators technology reduces drag significantly, by regulating the flow of air in and around the club head, thereby increasing clubhead speed. The wind tunnel tests have shown that the air resistance in the Driver head plays a major role. This advantage but was then documented by the tests of the players. As Bubba Watson the turbulators tried for the first time, his Schlägerkopfgeschwindigekit increased by two miles per hour, and the ball speed increased by four miles per hour, which meant a total length can be increased by nine meters for him. Video on YouTube:

<- Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin: -> The entire G30 series benefited from the innovative clubface technology and new materials, including the introduction of T9s Titanium with the drivers. Through its use thinner club face and weight savings are possible. This in turn allows the displacement of the center of gravity down and back.

The G30 SF Tec Driver option is specifically for player intended to land their balls usually right from the target. In playtest showed that the G30 SF Tec Driver, in which more weight was shifted to the heel and the swing weight is slightly lighter, the form of this trajectory by up to eleven meters compared to the standard G30 Driver improved. PING has also increased the range of adjustability five Loftpositionen for Driver and Fairway woods. Mass and the volume are as much remained the same as in PING fixed hosel, so all the benefits of adjustability be used without the performance suffers. The lightweight hosel allows the golfer to change the loft to six-tenths or a full number of degrees up or down to optimize the launch conditions

Product Description and technical specifications:.

G30 Adjustable Driver : The turbulators on the crown of the 460cc Titanium large head reduce air resistance, promote higher clubhead and ball speed and the accuracy of Drives. In addition, the turbulators also help in targeting and alignment. The slightly higher ratio of strength and weight of the material used allows the construction of a thinner T9s-face, from departing the balls faster. In addition, it saves a four grams of weight. This allows you to focus a bit lower and further back position in any PING driver currently available, resulting in a relatively high trajectory and optimized spin with a high moment of inertia. The SF Tec club heads promote especially when players land their balls otherwise the right of the goal, the ball flight from right-to-left. To optimize launch angle and spin, there is also the possibility for the golfer to reduce the loft through the trajectory changes + technology is one degree or to increase. The focus of the TFC 419 D shaft is relatively high and close to the handle end and promotes a simultaneous increase of energy, momentum and moment of inertia. The Custom Tuning Port can be equipped with different weight inserts and allows PING to achieve the desired swing weight in a whole series of shafts that are not part of the standard program

-. Lofts 9 ° & 10.5 ° in the standard head, 10 ° & 12 ° in SF Tec Model (can be changed by + – 6/10 or 1 degree)

– Standard Graphite Shaft: PING TFC 419d (Soft R, R, S, X)

– hour Length 45.75 Inch, D3, 206g (Standard); D1, 203g (SF Tec), 460cc

– RRP € 319

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