Friday, July 25, 2014

Canvas fingerprinting: User tracking technology stop –

The so-called Canvas fingerprinting comes on frequently visited websites to use and creates indelible fingerprints on your computer. The motives are clear – user tracking to a new level. What can you do to protect your privacy, shows network world.

Canvas fingerprinting is already much visited websites in use. (Image: Screenshot /

Canvas fingerprinting scripts were detected on high-traffic websites. (Image: Screenshot /

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Disable Java
  2. 2 browser extensions

    3 NoScript

 As reported net world, the Canvas fingerprinting method has been demonstrated on a variety of the most visited websites. A list of the websites where the scripting is enabled, please click here. The page updates itself continuously, as many websites have to remove the fingerprinting scripts eignenen reportedly initiated or already completed.


 Meanwhile, several options have been published, with which the user tracking can be suppressed on Canvas fingerprinting scripts. Network World introduces you to the currently effective methods.

Disable Java

 The installation of the Java runtime environment is necessary for the proper functioning of a whole range of Web applications, in order to represent, for example chats or order forms can. Also, some programs such as OpenOffice require an installation of Java. How to disable Java in your web browser to the Java Control Panel, click here. With the deactivation to protect yourself from the canvas fingerprinting espionage, but must abwegen due to the limitations as to whether this can be a permanent solution for you.

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