Saturday, July 12, 2014

Numeo invested in technology Xirrus – ProMediaNews

Numeo can now offer its customers by investing in the Xirrus technology from a single source. Xirrus is a leading supplier of advanced and innovative high-performance Wi-Fi networks. By array-based solutions, the networks can be precisely matched to the size of an event, the number of participants and the use of mobile devices.

Conventional wireless networks are designed for everyday use and come in larger venues rapidly both spatially and technologically to their limits. In contrast, the technique offers from Xirrus a powerful and dense coverage even in so-called high-density wireless environments such as convention centers, auditoriums, hotel meeting rooms, sports arenas or concert halls.

“Both guests and employees of a company can, for example, at a meeting of shareholders, use wireless devices that were not provided or configured by the company. With Xirrus we can ensure readily that all access policies are adhered to, “said Marcus Schlüter, Director of Numeo. “We are proud to work with the investment in the technology of Xirrus improve our service even further. Especially because we are not only the individual participants, but also the organizer can provide real added value to themselves. “

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