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Connected Car attracts speculators in technology stocks – THE WORLD


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Connected Car attracts speculators in technology stocks

electronic arms race cars, a billion-dollar market. And on the gold rush, investors can earn the

                  electronic arms race cars, a billion-dollar market. And on the gold rush, investors can earn the

The trend towards networked car could develop for many suppliers to a true gold mine. The rise of technology and telecom values ​​will rapidly accelerate, according to experts by the advance of technology, which decreases more and more work to the driver at the wheel. For around the technology with chips and sensors, software, and a touch screen in a market worth billions developed: The French bank Exane BNP Paribas estimates the volume of sales in the next decade to more than 35 billion euros

“This is not a distant dream but a five-year race, where you earn money or can let it stay,” says BNP analyst Stuart Pearson. By 2020, the sales of products for the connected car will grow annually by 30 percent

already new cars to be upgraded electronically. From navigation, communication and Entertainment on board computer next to the control to the first step of the automated driving, such as parking, the automatic stopping of the engine at traffic lights or cruise control for spacing in traffic. According to the findings of the British consulting firm Machina Research currently have only ten percent of cars have a built-board computer, in 2020 only ten percent will be traveling without a permanent connection to the Internet.

The German premium carmaker Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen subsidiary Audi work as well as Toyota or Nissan with technology partners on automated driving. Google does not just like Apple supplies the technology for clever on-board computer, but now works even on a small car who no longer needs a driver. Part Automated driving as parking aids or start-and-stop system have to offer today new cars. With the mass production fully automatic cars driving the industry expects in the coming decade.

Benefit thereof according to analyst chip manufacturers such as Infineon, Intel, Qualcomm and Texas instrument. The large telecom providers who earn the traffic, are in the gold rush there. With sales in the billions also expect the two largest German automotive supplier Continental and unlisted Bosch Group, which provide electronic parts such as sensors and touchpads. For the two market leaders for navigation maps TomTom and Nokia the connected car is a success key. If they can defend their dominance in the expansion of networked driving, trust BNP analyst Pearson Nokia a price increase of 13 percent, TomTom even an increase of 32 percent. “For investors, it is the long term wiser to bet on stocks like Microsoft and Infineon instead of the auto manufacturers,” said Christian Jimenez, fund manager of Diamond Bleu Gestion.

that have long been recorded weather investors, showing the success of the French stock market debutants Blue Solutions. On its first day of trading in October the manufacturer of batteries for electric cars the stock was oversubscribed 15 times, since then it has risen by 130 percent. The course of AKKA Technologies, which developed the prototype of a driverless electric cars has increased six-fold since 2009.

Apple now has nine other car brands as partners for the integration its equipment and services obtained and completed by a rival to Google. Apple leads on the website of its platform CarPlay the logos of 29 car brands to over 28 at Google’s Android car. Both platforms have similar functions and are mainly the integration of iPhones and Android phones make it easier in the vehicles.

When partners circle of Apple and Android, there are in addition extensive overlap but also striking differences. For example, Audi, Opel, Ford, Volvo and Fiat want to support both platforms. In contrast, BMW and Mercedes are so far represented only in the Apple camp – and Volkswagen and Skoda only in Android. Likewise, there is also a dividing line in the luxury car manufacturers: Ferrari and Jaguar Apple can boast, Google contrast, Maserati and Bentley

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