Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3D Technology: U.S. Army wants to print warheads –

<- Content -> The U.S. Army apparently plans to produce warheads in the future with 3D printers. The Pentagon currently developing a 3D technology that could be produced with the warheads were more compact and more precise than traditional warheads, says Army Technology, a journal of the Research Division of the U.S. Army, in its latest issue.

3D printer allowed a better control over the design of warheads and permitted structures that would not have been able to be produced, the Vice magazine quotes a scientist at the military research center Armament Research, Engineering and Design Center. Warheads could be tailored to specific operations and increase as the security and control. Thus, the warheads could be more compact and make space for additional sensors or security mechanisms and the impact force can be calculated more accurately.

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3D technology could in the future the cost of the military sector significantly reduce while allowing more complex structures, according to Army Technology. The Pentagon hopes, therefore, to produce soon complete warheads or missiles all in one pour.

At the same time researching the U.S. Army on the way to create human skin on a 3D printer to help wounded soldiers in action to be able to. The technology could also be used to produce food for soldiers. At some point, should soldiers so important spare parts of all kinds can directly produce locally, the magazine writes.

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