Monday, July 21, 2014

Our technology idea pays off – Investor Publishing

when it may make sense to be somewhat speculative as an investor? If you can buy an asset priced. That’s the idea behind today’s viewing …
For years “necessary” we to have our readers “great and cheap” technology stocks. As Dr. Steve Sjuggerud already reported in detail, were (and are) some leader from the Technlogie area rated low – when you pull their huge cash positions into consideration

One way to invest in this idea is the ProShares Ultra Technology Fund (U.S. abbreviation ROM). This is a “leveraged” funds, which aim to replicate the price movements of the Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index with lever 2 (ie doubled) to replicate. Large technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco provide the lion’s share of this index.

chart ProShares Ultra Technology Fund

often is a speculative lever insert a bad idea for the investors. But the “ROM Fund” we accepted this because the technology stocks were so cheap. As you can see, this risk has paid off. The ROM fund has increased by more than 100% over the last two years. Here was the (albeit conservative) lever insert an outstanding idea.

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