Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond says VR technology will change games –

Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Toronto has dared to take a peek into the future in a recent interview while on the emerging virtual reality technology into focus. As Raymond says that the new technology will change the way of gaming strong.

“We are on the threshold, I think of great breakthroughs in technology will change the game,” Raymond said. “The fourth dimension refers to the virtual reality; not only the display technology but also the new input technologies that go with it. This is the way how we interact with these types of games change. “

would also have an idea for a Board Game experience:” For VR I would like a kind Parkour Game in weightlessness, in which one navigates in a space suit around and can have an experience as it can only have Chris Hadfield or other selected astronauts else, “said Raymond on. “Look down on the earth and try to create something in weightlessness and to pay attention to the oxygen and stuff.”


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