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Regenerative medicine: do we need in the future no longer an organ donor? – Handelsblatt

Around 11,000 people are currently waiting in Germany for a donor organ, of which there are far too few. 1,000 of these patients die each year because she failed to get the much needed organ. What if these people could be helped in the future with artificially grown organs from the laboratory would be a dream.
True to this vision works regenerative medicine. It belongs within the biomedical to the areas with the most dynamic development. Around the globe, scientists at the renovation of institutions – some with remarkable success. It is thus possible, for example, already, to breed renewable heart valves in a laboratory. Elsewhere, researchers are working to transform stem cells into fully functioning liver cells. At replacement of skin and cartilage one is already much further. For many years, there are processes new cartilage for joints from certain body’s own cartilage cells to grow. Also the disc, so the nucleus pulposus between the vertebral bodies can be constructed so again.

Modern technology and well-trained staff can make the examination more comfortable.

The latest trend in regenerative medicine is – like in the industry – the 3-D printing. The technology that will revolutionize industrial manufacturing processes, according to many experts, including regenerative medicine, could open new possibilities. Recently, scientists at Harvard have managed to develop a Biotinte, can be printed with the tissue. Specifically, three different Biotinten were produced. The first contains an extracellular matrix, which holds the fabric. The second Biotinte additionally contains living cells. The third Biotinte the researcher allows the artificial blood vessel formation in the generated tissue. So they were able to generate artificial tissue with vascular system. All this is still in the stage of basic research. Nevertheless, it is the aim of the researchers in the future to replace diseased tissue with newly printed.
Among the leading companies in this field Organovo heard from California. In November last year, the company has produced liver tissue, which had a magnitude of half a millimeter and survived a total of 40 days. Now Organovo wants to end this year, a tissue with considerably longer to print. The biggest challenge is the production of the vascular system that supplies the tissue with vital oxygen and nutrients.

Eight Tips to protect the heart from stress

  • Change in the bird’s-eye

    Try the situation that prepares you frustration, deliberately by above or to look at from the outside. To build an inner distance on current events. For example: “., The Jam, where I am standing, is a fact that I can not change When I get upset, I is getting worse the situation only.”

  • Do you exercise

    Sports was named one of the German Heart Foundation on the best ways to get rid of stress. Half an hour of exercise, be it walking, swimming or tennis, can accomplish perceived miracle.

  • The evil at the root of the problem

    Although the causes of stress can not always be correct, such as a difficult boss. For stress in the relationship focused discussions can help. This applies not already applied to go this week, but would rather wait a few days and can also sink all the arguments and counter-arguments

  • practice relaxation techniques.

    yoga, autogenic training and Co. are touted again and again – but they are not any help. The German Heart Foundation recommends a pragmatic approach: If a method brings relaxation, it is also good – if not, you should try other things. While some people relax alone and in complete silence, others prefer about the instructions in a group. The chosen technique should be practiced in any case regularly, so that it is also available in acute stress situations.

  • Start your “counter-proposal “

    Under the” counter-proposal “is the constant care of personal interests, whether they are singing in a choir, football matches or stamp collecting. So activities that stimulate us and a positive challenge and thus distract from negative stress.

  • exile for relaxation Killer

    TV, although may seem relaxing, but it is passive and does not reach a sustainable Stress Reduction – valuable time in which you can handle and shake off the hassles of the day, is therefore lost. It can help to make a plan on which days you can leave out the TV in any case, and instead revive an old hobby again or can arrange a meeting with friends.

  • care with drugs

    remedies that promise reassurance while there are – but they should always come only under control of a physician for use, and not simply be ordered on their own on the internet. As an example, calls the German Heart Foundation benzodiazepines are unsuitable for long-term stress management because they make depends very short time, and can also have significant side effects (concentration difficulties, dizziness).

  • Make Just who much to do to your diet

    and have 48-hour day, has often pays insufficient on its diet . It will then quickly eaten the wrong thing and too much and often drank too much alcohol. Along with lack of exercise can lead to obesity, which may increase dissatisfaction and frustration feelings yet. A repertoire of quick and healthy meals you should define the best is about from the Mediterranean cuisine.

The fact that we will soon no longer need an organ donor, because the 3-D printer prints the necessary organs in the future, but is still way off. The researchers are indeed world on the right path, but until from the basic research practically applicable medicine is likely to be many years go by.
Especially the developments would have to be first tested extensively and successfully on humans, so the authorities an authorization could consider. But to test chemical substances or drugs, for example, on their toxicity, but the printed fabric could have come much faster to use.

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