Monday, July 21, 2014

Technology from Laiz can be found all over the world – the Swabian newspaper

Laiz sz For 50 years, the company Schäfer claims on the market. “If it’s feeling good, you have to be grateful. The shepherd GmbH is doing well, “said CEO Michael Gubisch to its guests at the anniversary celebration on Saturday. In addition to the many employees were Winfried Kretschmann Prime Minister, Landrätin Stefanie Bürkle and Elmar Belthle, came as deputy mayor Thomas Schärer, who is currently on holiday reception.

With a few employees Wolfgang Schäfer in 1964 founded the company . Today there are 250 at the locations Laiz, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Shanghai and soon in Vancouver. The company has customers in 120 countries: “We communicate in 19 languages,” Gubisch said. 2014 there will be 35 000 jobs that are processed in-house shepherd. This meant consistently flexible, creative, innovative, competent and to be present, Gubisch said. Shepherd is a world leader in its industry. “It’s like in football: We are world champions. But it also applies: Above Me, “Gubisch said. A company must change constantly, and always faster. Managing Gubisch highlighted the high performance of the employees and thanked the crew for the great commitment.

Since Sunday, Germany is world champion again and Baden-Württemberg have by the coach share it, but if the country in other areas successful: “Baden-Württemberg is home to the world market leader,” said Prime Minister Kretschmann. No matter where one is at in the world, you always encounter the quality and technology of Laiz. “Shepherd stands for the many medium-sized companies that operate globally, but are rooted here. They invest locally and strengthen the region, “praised the Prime Minister. Although Stuttgart is the state capital, but there were many economic centers throughout the country: “Nowhere else in Germany is the gap between the countryside and the cities as much as in Baden-Württemberg,” Kretschmann said

“We. must exert ourselves: We are a rich but poor country children, “said the Prime Minister, so it applies in child care and education to invest. Was important for the region’s Albstadt-Sigmaringen, who serve with their hands-on profile as professionals reservoir. Also, the country must develop a culture of welcome for immigrants to meet the demand for skilled workers. “Otherwise you can not keep the prosperity,” Kretschmann said.

Bright congratulated Landrätin Stefanie Bürkle to 50 years of success and thanked that despite globalization, the company shepherd the site Laiz keep the loyalty and aware of the research departments and local development have recently expanded. Three factors have made this success possible: the proximity to the university, the high performance of the employees and the conditions that put the country such companies. She handed the county coat of arms with the wishes, Shepherd may continue to have innovative ideas and be crowned with success.

This was followed by a tour of the halls. Jens Pallmer led the guests through production. With interest, the Prime Minister and the district administrator looked around. Managing Gubisch said: “Many graduates go to Bosch and Daimler and see that they are much earlier to take responsibility for us.”

After 15 clock citizens and families were invited to look into the production halls or over to inform career opportunities. A magician entertained the children. This could also crate towers under the supervision of firefighters stack until they dropped.

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