Friday, May 20, 2016

Technology: Virtual plunge into unknown worlds – Augsburger Allgemeine

With the ‘VR goggles walking through New York is only a few clicks away. But the high-tech toys do not have to be expensive. As accessories for Smartphone, there are the glasses from just a few euros. By Jakob Stadler

Located in the jungles of Central African Congo. The eye wanders to the right, a full-grown gorilla looks a right in the eye. The animal comes a bit closer, leans forward and stops. After a few seconds the monkey seems to lose interest, he turns and pulls it. Taking the Pappgestell where the smartphone plugged, from the head, resulting again everyday image of your own living room. “Gorillas in the Congo” is one of the 360-degree videos that people have uploaded to Youtube. In order to view it with the full effect, you need a virtual reality glasses, short V-R-glasses. The have been available for some time in the trade – and currently a real hit

The modern spectacles with high-resolution displays are not exactly a bargain.. But there is a cheaper alternative. A frame, in which the smartphone is plugged. The results are impressive, even if the quality probably not come close to the V-R-Glasses with display. Such racks there are plastic or cardboard. The Pappvariante have a variety of companies, they can be had for less than ten euros. Who is sent, can also even tinker glasses, instructions for there online.





360-degree photographs is also available from the district

The frame is unknown worlds can be explored. In Youtube Channel # 360 video such films with panoramic views are collected. In addition to natural images and videos from the perspective of animals there first music clip. In addition, users Talking US primaries can view as if they were live performances, a walk through New York or explore the back of the rover Curiosity from Mars. To even while it is in the holder to control the mobile phone, a magnetic button is attached to the side. To select a video, it must fix and press the button of the user. Anyone who has a wireless game controller, can connect to his mobile phone and try out different games. Even the offer of 360 degree Apps is manageable. But that could soon change. Because smartphone maker Samsung sets, as well as Facebook, to the still relatively new technology. When it comes to corporate America, but the offer is growing.

And now can be some familiar applications with a V-R-glasses use profitably. The built in Google Maps Street View allows, for example, to travel the world. 360-degree images there is also the Aichacher town square or the Wittelsbach country.

Not everyone can tolerate the virtual reality

Who glasses for the first time used, must adapt to certain side effects. From “Cyber ​​Sickness”, the “simulator sickness”, says Heiko Hecht from the University of Mainz, Professor of Experimental Psychology. He has studied the effects of virtual reality goggles. “If you look at moving things, such as a roller coaster ride, then many bad,” he says. About 20 percent experienced this. Anyone wearing spectacles longer could get headaches

Hecht advises to try. “The opportunities that these virtual worlds, are terrific. And you will then quickly recognize himself, for which applications the spectacle brings something. “

The” low-budget version “made of cardboard is a good option. However, the effect of V-R-Eyewear is very dependent on the resolution. “With smartphone-based eyewear remains for each eye up only half the resolution of the display,” he points out.

However, for many applications it is very simple. “Ask. Just imagine that you want to set up a kitchen With the glasses you can try before, what it feels like “

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