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Exhaust manipulation: Even Opel is pilloried – Tiroler Tageszeitung Online

Rüsselsheim – Even the legal counsel by the former CDU politician Roland Koch did not help: The German automaker Opel is on diesel pillory, because the exhaust gas purification in the Zafira works only under narrowly defined circumstances. ” / p>

the German Ministry of transport, Opel now fighting about whether the restrictions still serve the skid plate, must be assessed as illegal simply. Consumer confidence is already in the game.

What is Opel accused exactly?

mirror, monitor and German environmental aid had reported that the emission in the 1.6 liter Zafira diesel power down under numerous conditions – such as high speed, high speed and low atmospheric pressure. Appropriate instructions have found a hacker in the digital engine control. When switched off, the catalyst car emits large quantities of dangerous nitrogen oxides. Speaking to the “commission of inquiry Volkswagen” Opel has now conceded shutdowns at high speed and low air pressure, according to Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt. This is legal: “Our motors comply with the law. We at Opel no illegal software a “, the company said again.

What Opel has to deliver more now?

The company has two weeks time to grant for further testing “necessary insight” as Dobrindt says. These included “software, software details and engine control”. What information and documents are to be delivered, would not tell the Ministry on demand. Opel also made initially not have.

What can the Ministry, if the suspicion is confirmed?

The Zafira is like also suspected Astra admitted with the same engine for the EU in the Netherlands. For a withdrawal of type approval so the Dutch authorities would be responsible. It was with colleagues in conversation, says the Minister of Transport. From voluntary recall, which followed the recent investigations by the Federal Motor Transport Authority, and Opel were affected with 90,000 cars. The authority has the same options as in VW at Opel. “Official recall and other measures,” says Dobrindt

What Opel wrong

After the auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer view it was a communication error, the answer to the allegations only in stereotypical sentences instead respond to the specific content. If now must be given to the Ministry of Transport that the exhaust gas purification in the Zafira is turned even more criteria than the already known “thermal window”, the impression of a salami tactics.

” ‘umparken in the head’ is not in any case,” says Dudenhoeffer alluding to the well-known image campaign for the brand. It is a matter of whether the existing shutdown could still be considered as legal, says Stefan Bratzel from the University of Applied Sciences Bergisch Gladbach. Should the allegations substantiated, Opel disregarded the purpose of the Act. “You now have a big problem with the credibility.”

Are other manufacturers discredited?

Of this is quite safe to go out. Already this Thursday to managers of Fiat-Chrysler must declare at the transport ministry, because the emission control after 22 minutes when it is switched off completely operating their diesel models. Industry expert Dudenhoeffer still expects a number of follow-up and negative test results to other cars.

The scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen provides the diesel in general in the crisis: “All have a problem with the diesel. The diesel technology falls the German producers on their feet, because they have kept too long on it. “In addition, the state should end its false subsidies for diesel fuel.

What does the crisis economically for Opel?

the European subsidiary of the US company General Motors is claims to be after years of billion losses just before the jump to profitability and therefore can not use bad news. This summer should for the European business for the first time an operating profit are reported what seemed not unlikely in view of fresh models and a greatly improved brand image. High cost of retrofits and a massive loss of confidence on the part of customers could be damaged by hail the great business plan Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann, having after the black zero more ambitious goals for the coming years.

What does this mean for the future strategy of the car manufacturer?

the comparatively small diesel share of around 30 percent of total fleet Opel actually has the best chance to change course and quickly from this type of engine to adopt. About the mother GM also obtained in 2017 with the Ampera E a full Stromer, which is to have a range of very competitive 300 kilometers. “Opel was next to continue to fuel-efficient gasoline engine set” advises Bratzel.

The precludes but that the Rüsselsheim want to bring especially heavier SUV models on the market, can be ordered for the most torquey diesel engines. Opel has promised an exhaust gas purification at the limit of what is technically possible for these units of the new generation. Whether consumers are confident, remains to be seen. (APA, AP)


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