Friday, May 20, 2016

ROUNDUP: Opel defend his exhaust technology – shares messages (press release)

RÜSSELSHEIM (AFX) – The dispute about diesel exhaust, the automaker Opel has its technology defends again. In a comprehensive opinion, the company reported on Friday back accusations of manipulation and explained technical details about the criticized as ineffective cleanup of its diesel models. Still applies that Opel insets no illegal software. In engines there is no illegal devices with which the emission can be switched off.

As far the only German manufacturer Volkswagen competitor & had lt; VOW3.ETR & gt; the use of such a (software) device added. Opel has always appealed to the authorities in impaired function of the emission control on technical needs. Recently Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) had reveal doubts about the legal and technical review of the details by Opel and prompted the manufacturer to Nachberichten.

The accusations of German Environmental Aid Association and the Media “monitor” and “mirror” based on misleading simplifications and misinterpretations of the complex relationships of a modern diesel emission control system, according to Opel’s opinion. A modern engine management including holding more than 17 000 parameters, their interaction should be considered. Individual parameters are not sufficient to evaluate the function as a whole. The measurements presented doubted Opel again.

The assertion of environmental aid that the exhaust gas purification of diesel Zafira to 80 percent of the time does not work, is simply wrong. Also below 17 degrees remains the exhaust gas recirculation to a lesser extent active. The criticism does not agree that the exhaust gas recirculation will shut down at engine speeds above 2400 rpm. The motor control switch only in a different mode.

Opel founded the down-regulation of the system at speeds above 145 km h with the risk that otherwise could leak toxic ammonia from the exhaust. The substance can no longer be stored at very high, occurring at this speed exhaust temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the dosage of the AdBlue urea solution will dimmed.

The same happens at low outside air pressure as prevails in height from about 900 meters. Even at a higher altitude, the engine must be supplied with sufficient oxygen to prevent an excessive sooting, explained Opel. With new models, the down-regulation should in future use only at an air pressure of 840 mbar. This corresponds to a height of almost 1500 meters.

On Diesel wants to keep Opel in principle. He let out much less carbon dioxide (CO2) and customers benefited from lower consumption. Opel has already announced technological improvements in exhaust gas purification. In the first quarter, 37 percent of Opel sold had a diesel on board. This is the lowest proportion of diesels of a manufacturer operating in Europe. ceb DP fbr

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