Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ascom expects half-year loss – financial and economic

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                                                     Instead a positive message to bring to the sale of the division Network Testing, which is expected for a long time, Ascom spooked investors with a profit warning. Not for the first time in recent years. The new CEO Holger Cordes, who takes office tomorrow, Wednesday, has much to do. The attractiveness of Network Testing – the business with the mobile testing missing pulses – but it is hard to increase. Ascom is expected in the current year have additional burdens for restructuring. The earnings estimates are reviewed.

                                                     Read about 16 pm, the detailed analysis.

The technology group published on Monday after trading a profit warning. The first half of the year should end with a loss. Improvement he expected in the second.
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(AWP), the technology group Ascom ( ASCN 15.8 – 6:23% ) says a profit warning and announced for the first half 2016 to a loss at group level. But we assume that the second half of 2016 will be significantly better by surgery.

The Network Testing Division suffer further under difficult market conditions and expected for the first half of the year compared to last year declining sales loss in the middle digit million range in Swiss francs to step Ebitda, Ascom shares on Monday. But it was confident for the division in the second half to achieve a significantly better result and return to profitable growth.

For the Wireless Solutions Division expects Ascom in the first half of a flat sales growth, in through the temporary drop in demand OEM sector is “significantly” affected. Due to this development, as well as the investments made in the transformation to the Solution Provider profitability of this division will fail also lower than in the same period in the first half 2016. ‘/ P>

Again, because of the seasonality of the business for the second half of the year significantly stronger results expected, which was however already communicated accordingly.

new CEO starts early June

also as previously announced, will be the new CEO, Holger Cordes, its activities on 1 June in 2016 and continue to implement the strategy. After completion of the review of strategic options for the division Network Testing Ascom Group is going as advertised as “one-business company” Aligning with a clear focus on healthcare ICT.

In view of the 2016 financial year from last March it was called, that the Wireless Solutions division is expected to grow in the current and next year organic and at constant exchange rates by 5% to 10% and thereby achieve an Ebitda margin of 14% to 18%. Network Testing should also find back to 2016 growth and increase profitability significantly. management presented for both divisions already two months for the second half of the year better results than for the first prospect.

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