Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Hamburg – StickyADS.tv, a leading provider of multi-screen video advertising technology, today announced a breakthrough in the Programmatic technology, which will greatly facilitate and accelerate the merging of TV and online video commercial. Leading European media companies, including France Télévisions, M6, Next Régie (BFM TV, BFM Business, RMC Découverte, Euro Sport) and SPIEGEL.tv are among the pioneers in the successful implementation of the new Programmatic Guaranteed technology at all Private Exchange platforms StickyADS. tv.

 source: StickyADS.tv

source: StickyADS.tv

this industry-changing innovation can now select their premium video inventory to potential buyers via open RTB pipes available TV channels. Programmatic delivers what it promises in terms of efficiency – and thus satisfied business agreements, just like in the TV world. Guaranteed Deals can finally be realized programmatically and provide scaling, control and transparency.

“Agencies and advertisers demanding transparency for their video inventory that they acquire for their programmatic campaigns. The new Programmatic Guaranteed technology StickyADS.tv we can offer brand safety 100 percent guarantee, “said Patrick Hurel, Head of Digital at Next Régie. “The increase in efficiency, which we achieve through guaranteed, programmatic direct deals, has inestimable value for us. By Programmatic Guaranteed technology allows us StickyADS.tv optimal unification of buying and selling of online video and television advertising. “

StickyADS.tv has already proved in the past how important challenges for Premium -Publisher TV station managed. This can be seen now in the highly successful design of the Programmatic Guaranteed technology. This new technology is not only a great technical achievement, but also provides the efficient management of guaranteed deals that are similar to the Upfront Deals in TV, many new opportunities for sales support.

“Guaranteed Deals are normally included in annual agreements between us and our customers. The new Programmatic Guaranteed technology StickyADS.tv we can our guaranteed Deals now upgrade programmatically and always keeping at our current sales processes in the eye, “said Christoph Henning, Head of Video Advertising at SPIEGEL QC. “It’s a win-win situation: We get back control of our premium video inventory and buyers benefit from a guarantee of the provision of the requested video.”

For further automating and simplifying the trade of allocated video inventory StickyADS.tv has in September 2015 Sticky Direct, an advertising tool for publishers introduced. . So buyers can easily find, customize and purchase guaranteed Deals publishers

“This exciting new technology raises Programmatic Guaranteed to the next level: less problems caused by the use of tag-based solutions and to provide an additional level in the field of yield management strategies, “said Hervé Brunet, CEO & amp; Co-Founder at StickyADS.tv, product innovation his company. “Ultimately it will lead to increased sales for all participants worldwide, and definitely help them promote the Programmatic TV revolution. This is especially true for broadcasters, who are accustomed to work with the traditional TV Upfront offerings, with partly several months in advance. “

StickyADS.tv leads the impression-based digital video environment with the TV world together – would particularly important call for the viewer, the content at any time, on any device, anywhere. Both buyers and sellers will clearly benefit from this groundbreaking Programmatic Guaranteed technology and the automation of guaranteed deals

Source:. StickyADS.tv


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