Sunday, March 30, 2014

China is committed to sustainable growth - Germany offers technology -

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FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping has the end of his visit to Germany before the warned of uncontrolled growth after the model of the old industrial countries. “If we want a modernization for 1.3 billion Chinese people, then you can the old way of industrial nations not go on, because this old way not only China, but the whole planet would bring to its limits,” Xi said on Saturday night in Dusseldorf.

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North Rhine-Westphalia state premier Hannelore Kraft ( SPD) pointed out that Germany had made very ambitious tasks with energy policy and climate protection. “This is obvious, that we speak natural partners in many areas such as environmental technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency and ecological urban development,” said Kraft in their after-dinner speech at the banquet for Xi. <-! Sh_cad_2 ->

The president ended on Sunday morning his visit to Germany and flew from Düsseldorf Airport to Brussels. Previously Xi had made it clear that while he continues to focus on growth – China needs but “follow a path of sustainable development, even if it means a slightly slower rate of growth must be taken into account”

In Xi’s visit to Berlin. Germany and China had agreed to closer cooperation in solving international conflicts such as the Ukraine crisis on Friday. Both sides agreed to “deepen their strategic cooperation in the fields of foreign policy and security, and to strengthen their commitment to regional and global conflicts,” it said in a statement. Xi was accompanied in NRW by a large business delegation. <-! Sh_cad_4 ->

2020 would reach his country through further growth modest prosperity for all, Xi said on Saturday night. Here grow the number of people who live in cities, annually by one percent. “Any increase in China’s urbanization rate by one percentage point, more than ten million farmers are city dwellers, which brings a wealth of consumer and investment demand with it,” Xi said. <-! Sh_cad_5 ->

The mean Germany also for opportunities in the Chinese market. Conversely Xi pointed also to the Chinese export success out: “For a German household, it would be hard to imagine, no items a year” Made in China “to buy.” Force said, potential for further trade there in mechanical engineering, mining engineering and chemical industries. “We are hoping that both sides make this cooperation in a spirit of openness, creativity and reliability, but in particular also in the spirit of friendship and deepen.” <-! Sh_cad_6 ->

In Dusseldorf met Xi overridden by Federal Minister of Economics <- # BNL # topicId # 69 -> Gabriel <- # ENL -> (SPD). Gabriel stressed that the way Chinese companies in Germany and Europe should be easier. “Our goal is an economic partnership of equals.” But it was not just about the economic relations but also to cultural and scientific cooperation. <-! Sh_cad_7 ->

Xi also visited the Port of Duisburg. At the terminal he was present at the arrival of a freight train, which connects central China with Europe. On the Yuxinou distance need to be transported up to three times per week goods between the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing and Duisburg. / JYR / DP / he

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