Sunday, March 2, 2014

Family Sharing: Steam games you can give now - Heise Newsticker

Steam function “Family Sharing” is no longer in beta stage: In the final version, all users can share their complete games library for up to five users. The activation is, however, quite cumbersome.

 Who wants to give his Steam library, must not only authorize the loan account, but also every single computer.
Who’s Steam would give library must not only authorize the loan account, but also every single computer. Click to enlarge
players with Steam account can give now their entire game library: The “Family Sharing” has left the beta stage and is now available for all users available. Each Steam customer can provide his library five other users. However, the sharing feature only works on ten computers, which need to be unlocked by the owner individually all.

An example: Maria wants to give Klaus access to their games. For this, they must log in first to Klaus’ computers in their Steam account and authorize the computer. She then logged back into her own account and then under “Steam” / “Settings” / “family” authorize Klaus’ Steam account. Maria could also simply pass on their account – in this case, but run all savegames and achievements on this one account. With Family Sharing each own savegames and achievements can use.

The crux of the matter: Each game can always be used at the same time only one of the five accounts. The owner has this privilege. Will this play a song that even someone has just opened otherwise, gets the loan end of a hint that he must either quit the game now or buy. In addition, the sharing does not work with all games: in the “Family Sharing” FAQ, for example, tracks the speech that require a subscription. (jkj)

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