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New technology for overcoming access barriers in public ... -

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Madrid (ots / PRNewswire) – In the context of

funded by the European Commission project


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– Techno Site and “la Caixa” are designing a solution to personalize ATMs
The solution was of Techno Site – developed and “la Caixa” to access barriers – a company specializing in accessible technologies company that belongs to the business group of the organization ONCE and its Foundation to overcome public digital terminals. <-! sh_cad_2 ->

The Spanish company Techno Site []
one to accessible technology company whose business group to the organization ONCE and its Foundation is
and “la Caixa” have presented the project APSIS4all [] in Madrid, a solution to the adaptation of public digital terminals such as ATMs to the needs and preferences of users

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The aim of the project is to overcome access barriers faced by people stand with disabilities, the elderly and the technology did not trust people when they interact with publicly accessible electronic devices. <-! sh_cad_4 ->

At present there are in the European market two APSIS4all pilot projects. The first is located in Paderborn in Germany, where the company Hoeft & Wessel has established 24 ticket vending machines. <-! Sh_cad_5 ->

The second is a technology developed in Spain by Techno Site and “la Caixa” initiative, which is already available in about 1300 ATMs of “la Caixa”. These machines offer various forms of interaction that are adapted to different profiles, for example by an avatar for sign language, high-contrast text display with large font and large buttons, a screen reader or keyboard navigation. These are options that improve the user experience with the terminal and which may be particularly helpful for people with disabilities. <-! Sh_cad_6 ->

Developed by Techno Site and “la Caixa” solution can be used to customize all kinds of public digital terminals and make it more accessible, such as self-service checkouts, information and sales kiosks, electronic stores or payment terminals, etc. <-! sh_cad_7 ->

This initiative is supported by the program to support the ICT Policy (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Commission (CIP). <-! sh_cad_8 ->

On this project are twelve organizations involved a consortium whose partners from countries such as Spain (Techno Site, “la Caixa”, Barcelona Digital), Germany (Hoeft & Wessel, PaderSprinter GmbH, SoVD – National Association of Lower Saxony eV), the UK (John Gill LTD, AbilityNet) Italy (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni), Greece (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Informatics and Telematics Institute), France (plus matter) and Austria come (Center for Usability Research and Engineering). <-! sh_cad_9 ->

Contact: +34-91-545-0193, Marta Ochoa,, Rocio Barrie,

Photo: / prnh/20140331/677865

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